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Standing to Be Elected

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Thursday 30 August 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

If the citizen notices a lack for his neighborhood’s politics, he can create an association or a company, or he can propose a project.

He can also stand to be elected if he is sufficiently utopian to change the world. The utopia of the left is to realize every dreams. The one on the right is to grow oneself realizing a part of his dreams. Progressive utopians, for their part, only want to grow society, unless they are right or left. Conservative utopians only want to keep their rights, which is impossible in the living.

Thanks to a friend, the citizen can be a candidate to the cantonal or to the deputation. But without the support of a party, it will be difficult to gain. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a small party that carries our ideas.
For the municipal, the citizen must gather a large team to be listened to by media.

It is important to learn about every candidates on every elections, to check if the proposals are scientific. If the latter are not scientific, we will be contradicted by researchers.

My Notes

Participate to public meetings.