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Farms and Industries are productives

Robots can not create. Everybody will become researcher. But agriculture, then industries, are the most important economics’ parts.
Thus the world will have access to genius sooner or later. It is therefore necessary for everyone to become brilliant, by the passion around these actions: Music that makes you thinking to act, philosophical dialogue, meditation on its limits, reading and writing that makes you serene, constructive dreams, politics on his neighborhood, Plato’s scientific brainstorming.

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Elective City Hall Program
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Article published on 29 August 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

We agree that private companies finance elections. Thus, the elected will privatize his town hall in return. To achieve these ends, citizens are entertained.

For a city hall to go to the opposite direction, it is a question of emancipating the population, through creative hobbies’ policy, instead of entertainment’s policy. Thus we’ll have to propose to learn music instruments to the pupils, with el sistema’s program, or to learn choir when one has few money. Instead of entertaining, parents will be involved for children’s education. It is also about allowing parents to become educators.

Also, an emancipated city hall no longer needs private services. Indeed, pooling public services again makes it possible to find money for the town hall to create industries. For example, recreating public works makes it possible to set up an air-car factory or an aerotrain factory.

Thus a city council grows instead of managing. The population also finds popular education. New education encouraged as being popular allows people to become creative and to seek solutions instead of consuming.

My Notes

Find out how much cost private services for your City Hall.

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