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Farms and Industries are productives

Robots can not create. Everybody will become researcher. But agriculture, then industries, are the most important economics’ parts.
Thus the world will have access to genius sooner or later. It is therefore necessary for everyone to become brilliant, by the passion around these actions: Music that makes you thinking to act, philosophical dialogue, meditation on its limits, reading and writing that makes you serene, constructive dreams, politics on his neighborhood, Plato’s scientific brainstorming.

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Participate to a Workshop
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Article published on 4 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

At first we participate to workshops. But we must never lose sight that we can also develop a workshop ourselves if we find that there is a lack with others.

We then create a slide show and then have it read by a friend. The friend asks us questions, we then search with the books for the answers to his questions. If the research is scientific, so natural, the workshop’s protagonists will be convinced.

We plan our workshop by preparing a goal. Searches are based on the latter. It is passion that leads us. Notes become the slide show viewed by a projector.

My Notes

Participate to Workshop planning to make some.

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