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Farms and Industries are productives

Robots can not create. Everybody will become researcher. But agriculture, then industries, are the most important economics’ parts.
Thus the world will have access to genius sooner or later. It is therefore necessary for everyone to become brilliant, by the passion around these actions: Music that makes you thinking to act, philosophical dialogue, meditation on its limits, reading and writing that makes you serene, constructive dreams, politics on his neighborhood, Plato’s scientific brainstorming.

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Act on the Net
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Article published on 2 September 2018

You can change the Internet when you visit participatory websites. The user first asks questions on the forums, then he creates a slideshow that he did not find.

Then the user creates a video, which he broadcasts on,, finding a video camera. If it does not want to be seen, it is possible to acquire an XLR sound card to USB and an XLR microphone at a low price.

After being questioned, he can access to research, since searching for truth leads us to new ways, allowing us to change our mind, to write and then broadcast another medium.

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