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The Engineer

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Sunday 30 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

The engineer must always be, with technology, watching to improve his work. Indeed, he is the handyman of the company. Having a head start gives vision to the company’s projects. He knows economic strategies.

It is not exactly a question about finding new products, but about being attentive to the duration of the products, so that his industry can sell service. The engineer has to seek the work’s economy, even if some money’s economies interfere. In fact, he might think that he needs to keep jobs so, since when industries are grown, lost jobs are used to create researchers working for these industries.

If the engineer breaks the gates, concerning the labor saving, he knows how to train the employees. He meditates, according to my books on creativity and writing, in order to write thinking about customers and other classes, his industry.

The industry engineer must promote the dissemination of the techniques created. Training, but also spreading that has been done, is essential, especially if that is found is on a new market. He is an entrepreneur, to improve the sustainability of society, he is the only one to be ethical.