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The Farmer

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Thursday 11 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Agriculture is a job that comes first, in alphabetical order. It is also the job that produces the most wealth needed. The farmer, if he is helped by industries and services, can feed a lot of people. But farmer lives in the countryside, while the countryside is less crowded, so more expensive for infrastructure. Thus the farmer must ask for infrastructures and tools that make his life easier. But when money is private, those who own the money want to keep it for themselves, not for the long-term projects of agriculture and industry. So the priority demand of the farmer, and any citizen, is to make public and keep the currency public. But a public currency, certainly with new technologies well studied, can allow agriculture to grow. With a public currency, a nation-state grows all the necessary infrastructure for the farmer.

It’s about promoting work economy. In this regard, it seems unbelievable that a farmer sells at the same time as he produces. The market gardener can do that, but near cities. Train, associated with the public currency, makes it possible to get the countryside and agriculture better. The train is a single engine for tons of products. Rail and magnetic levitation1 are the farmer’s friends.