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Thursday 11 October 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

In France manual jobs are classified as "sidings" on 2016. But the hand is that grows spirit. While writing or manipulating, our mind is transformed as quickly as possible. There are more connections in the mind when playing the piano, or being manipulating.

Only it is not a question about repeating the same gestures as a robot should do. It is about being creative, thanks to his manual work, to improve his limits. A craftsman must have, in him, the same jobs as an industry, since he can thus rise. All this can be done with serenity, but requires a talent, then other talents, found with passion.

The craftsman uses the industries’ tools. A laser 3D printer makes it possible to get industries’ work, in order to later file a patent and promote its work. So the craftsman creates industries, thanks to robots.