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The Artist

Creative Common by SA License
Thursday 20 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Every work must be understood, without having to use a specific code of deciphering. The goal of a work is to bring about the truth’s research. It is a question, for the one who looks, or listens to the work, to guess, more and more, its meaning. By dint of contemplating the work, his mind rises. We try to go to the human’s limits. So, the work becomes great.

Abstract art and Impressionism were created to imitate the works easily, while creating a decoding manual for them. Indeed, Impressionism can be created by blurring a photo. Abstract art is not art. Abstract art consists to pay for works made in five minutes, for example by tearing up papers, painting with one color, creating geometric shapes, and so on.
My fellow citizens come out horrified with the Regional Fund of Contemporary Art (FRAC), which does not encourage to seek the truth, but to comply with a code.

To be a renowned artist, you have to understand the meaning of Life: To seek Truth, by humor or joy for example, to rise the viewer’s senses. He adapts himself and enriches himself thanks to the spectator, talking with him. Therefore, it has its favorite spectators and those who make it go forward.